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Counter-terrorism for Corporations
Profile: Pakistan's military intelligence agency
Kargils first hero
N.Korean missile crisis
Dangers of open internet
Pak funding of N.Korean missiles with heroin
Internet 'cloaking' terrorist threat
ISI--the Al Qaeda link
Militancy in Kashmir
Kashmir-a flashpoint
How Modern Terrorism Uses the Internet
How Modern Terrorism Uses the Internet
Cyberterrorism: How Real Is the Threat?
Open Source Intelligence OSINT
Celebrating militant Islam
Pakistans Ghauri threat
India's most wanted
Social Network Analysis
ISI & Taliban
LeT--A profile
US Terrorism Exclusion List
Pakistans Nuclear Development
Modern terrorism & net
dangers of cyberterrorism
Pak nuclear know-how clandestine supply

Antiterrorist Org


Kargil-a lesson to learn

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The International Association For Counterterrorism & Security Professionals was founded in 1992 to meet security challenges facing the world as it enters an era of globalization into the 21st century.

We believe that all elements of the world's societies must become better educated about the threats of terrorism as a first step toward developing innovative and effective countermeasures to combat these ongoing threats.

The IACSP is founded on the principle that a better informed society will result in a freer one.Join the IACSP and be a contributor to internatioal counterterrorism efforts

Australian Institute of Criminology


free speech


*** Your Title Here *** "The collection of foreign intelligence is accomplished in a variety of ways, not all of them either mysterious or secret. This is particularly true of overt intelligence, which is information derived from newspapers, books, learned and technical publications, official reports of government proceedings, radio and television. Even a novel or play may contain useful information about the state of a nation."
—Allen Dulles, The Craft of Intelligence

very useful case studies

The New York Times on the Web

south asia analysis


United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition

fight alongside indian army
against terrorism


My heavenly father
Captain Mazumdar

my mentor



Target:one terrorist
Objective:save 1000 innocents

See one of the best global intelligence source on terrorism


My site will be a platform to exchange ideas/information on the latest developments in counterintelligence/homeland security and counterterrorism and applications,research and criticism of my developed intelligence tools and methodology.

Here I shall quote a famous statement:
"You have One Shot, one scoped sight, one compressed controlled breath, one squeeze of a trigger. In twenty one-hundreths of a second, you will either be a "hero" who saved an innocent life or an incompetent who caused the death of a helpless hostage. Life or death, sucess or failure is only one sensitive squeeze away"-Major John Plaster, Sniper Instructor

Dr. Bono's Lateral Thinking applied to MI

Military Intelligence encompassess an extremely diverse field of theories/applications.It's an applied science/applied psychology and applied Gray-matter? Yes-applied Graymatter theory and applications.To put it more precisely the latter is the parent of the former two[and ofcourse several other interrelated factors].Atleast that is what my experience says.Atleast that is what the theories and very effectively proved applications of Dr. Edward dE Bono project. It is Dr. Bono's innumerable lectures/work's around the globe and in leading conglomerates/corporations/Universities/even school curricula that has projected him as the MASTERTHINKER OF THE DECADE.So much so that [as i possess a very analytical mind] when I went out to test the theories outlined in one of his very first publications, I was immediately immpresed and the ensuing interest propelled me to apply his business ideas/actions to intelligence scenarious , ofcourse on a small scale[ the first being the case of graft charges against a senior officer]. My task's were essentially independent/of voluntary nature--ofcourse not relegated as ' source'/ temporary field agent: I took my own decisions and decided the format of dissemination.I acheived remarkable success with Dr. Bono's applied thinking tool's merely configured for army intelligenceAcquisition/Analysis/Acceptance.As I gradually build up this site, I will produce before you-my esteemed audience-these very tools in all their originality and do sincerely hope that other allied agencies also implement these concepts -ofcourse after validating my statements.


*** Your Title Here *** A special note:Esteemed viewers may be amused to see some affiliate
banners on this site.I affirm my nonprofit stand but to survive thru.
my counterterrorism & CI research and for donations to the terrorism
plagued families I have had to take cognizance of the fact that
affiliate links will pay off.Suggestions to the contrary will definitely be considered and banners removed if so necessitated.

Please donate for 9/11 victim and all other terrorist plagued families and for the global war against terrorism.

keshavs profile in brief & military blog.

*** Your Title Here *** Special note:My esteemed Readers will be amused to see some affiliate banners on my site.I assert that these are necessitated by the donation requirements for 9/11 and other victims of terrorism ,and honestly , also for sustainment of my ops. network/counterterrorism research.Advice/suggestions to the contrary are always welcome( will be definitely accomodated. Skype Me!

Please donate--however minimum it may be--for the 9/11 families and those plagued by terrorism worldwide.Also bear in mind those active duty personnel killed in action fighting terrorists.

National Homeland Security Knowledgebase

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counterterrorism and aid to 9/11 victims

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